Welcome to the wild and wonder-filled world of powerhouse performer, Katie Colosimo (pronounced COL – AWESOME – O, of course)!  Born and raised near the Steel City of Pittsburgh, Katie was inspired to bring her talents and drive to Nashville. After a stint on Season 11 of The Voice, Katie returned to Nashville to cycle her vocal talents among a variety of outlets. With a love for the stage she has performed in front of a variety of audiences from 1-4,000.  

Katie is fierce, daring and versatile, unapologetically applying her range and interpretive skills to transform the familiar into the exceptional. Her musical influences range from Demi Lovato and Jessie J. to Beyoncé and Adele. As a songwriter, she is an explorer of the heart, crafting authenticity and emotion in lyric fueled by themes of empowerment and persistence. Her music is pop, but with a voice that bleeds soul, Katie is a dazzling presence, whose joy in doing what she loves is irresistible.

This is only the beginning as Katie continues to pursue her own artistry.  She invites you into her story and can’t wait to show you what’s next!